I have been designing, building and exhibiting unique furniture and art for over thirty years. Each year my designs and methods become more complex and exotic. First conceived of as sculpture, each piece is made with an eye toward a modernist aesthetic and a sincere effort to push boundaries aside.
I begin the process of creating a piece with drawings that emphasize invention and daring. I then construct a model of the piece to determine the fabrication methods needed for its component parts. The most time consuming step is construction of molds, jigs and processes which must be perfected. Finally color renderings are made and selected for the number of pieces to be produced. Each piece takes many hours of design and planning and is built with the finest hand craftsmanship.
Michael completed a Bachelors of Science degree from Minnesota University, Graduate work at Drake University, where he completed performing arts graduate work. Mr. Hovey later attended the University of Minnesota, studying art history. He received his J.D. degree from Hamline University.
Michael received additional art training at the Minneapolis Institute of Art, The College of Art and Design in Minneapolis, The University of Arizona and the Scottsdale Artists School. In addition Mr. Hovey has studied drawing and painting extensively with Mr. David DeVoss, Art director, from Los Angeles. Mr. Hovey's background in furniture design and building originated with fine hardwood furniture. Since 1995 he has been working in and developing an expertise in fiberglass and plastics. Mr. Hovey has been studying plastics, polyester and foam applications in art with Mr. Marvin Wallace and recently begun working with James Boughton.
Mr. Hovey's works are carried by the Dezart One Gallery in Palm Spings. His works also appear in numerous public and private collections.
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