Furniture maker and artist Mike Hovey has been making innovative work for 40 years. While his early work challenged traditional notions of object design with new materials and methods, his current path explores pattern and environment. Seeking modular expressions that ultimately will allow the client to incorporate their own ideas. Mr Hovey's  innate visual strengths are complimented by a broad background in the arts . In the 1990's, 40 years of oil painting gave way to sculpture and furniture making. His academic background includes Minnesota University, Drake University, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis Institute of Art, The College of Art and Design in Minneapolis and the Scottsdale Artists School and individual mentor artists.  


Like most artists Mike began working with commonly available materials in traditional arts. Since 1995 Mike has been working in and designing and fabricating furniture and art with fiberglass and plastics. Mr Hovey also applies metalwork work, leather crafting and upholstery in pursuit of making all things possible. Recently he has working solely with hand tools, developing a sense of tradition, materials and method. In a word, he crafts wood, metal and plastic in his design work,

but the medium remains space and light.


I strive each year to develop innovative designs and methods. Currently I am focused on pattern and modular constructions. I am developing abstract concepts into applications for art and architecture. 

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